The story so far

I PACKED THIS MYSELF is a project working with migrant workers and local communities in Cornwall, which started in 2006. The aim: to break down prejudice and increase understanding

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An icy start to the day but an exhilarating workshop

A cold start - takes a while to scrape the frost off the car windows. And very icy in the valley.
But a great workshop at Helston School.
120 Year 11 students who are engaged, ask questions and really help take the project forward.
Again, am quite moved by the notion that this was where I went to school - and in one sense set off in life.
Waldek comes along to support Ewa in questiontime. He is still working at the medical supplies factory in Newquay, that she has now left.
And  - how heartening is this - more than one student in the Evaluation form said 'It changed the way I thought about migrant workers'.
Later a meeting at Pool with Ola Paluch, to think of ways of working with children there, whose parents are migrant workers.