The story so far

I PACKED THIS MYSELF started as a project working with migrant workers and local communities in Cornwall. We found instances of exploitation, discrimination and outright racism and tried to find ways of bringing people together to increase understanding. We've run workshops across Cornwall in schools and with other groups. We're now taking this work forward by looking at unemployment in rural communities.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Seminar on the role of schooling in the integration of 'new' Polish migrants to th UK

Briefing by Paulina Trevena of the University of Southampton who has conducted interviews with 83 adult Poles .... She didn't talk to teachers in schools dealing with populations of migrant children or  migrant children themselves...(so rather a limited remit). ... But recommendations that make sense and match ours and those we've heard elsewhere from people at the coalface....
- 'buddying' systems can be helpful
- information packs for migrant parents would be good, particularly with info about differences in school systems
- involving migrant parents in the school community is important.
And, of course, language support at every turn is essential.
This was at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and part of the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series which 'present topical,cutting edge research on migration and migration related issues). COMPAS is part of Oxford (University). More on the COMPAS website.