The story so far

I PACKED THIS MYSELF was a project working with migrant workers and local communities in Cornwall, which started in 2006. We found instances of exploitation, discrimination and outright racism. I PACKED THIS MYSELF brought people together to increase understanding. This blog is a record of the work done over the following five years.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Stithians dam and an old friend

A post Christmas Bank Holiday expedition. A very grey day. Decide to drive to Stithians dam as despite having been brought up near by I have never seen it - and also have a painting now by a local artist Gareth Bale of the dam.
A great surprise and so nice to see Gareth drawing there.
Gareth was a fellow curator on the I Packed This Myself exhibition in Camborne in March 2009. Tell him about the plans for February/March 2010.